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AIIFAR New Product Launch


Latest company news about AIIFAR New Product Launch

On March 29, 2023, AIIFAR Electronics Co., Ltd. decided to release a DTF powder shaking machine with a heating width of 80cm, which provides users with a wider range of printer choices. Thanks to the fully automatic intelligent operating system of the AF series used by the AIIFAR 80CM DTF powder shaking machine, it is compatible with DTF printers with widths of 80cm, 60cm, 40cm, and 30cm. The main positioning of this product is to provide a suitable solution for customers who are hesitant between 60cm and 1.3 meters.

Of course, in addition to changes in machine size, the heating efficiency of the AF80CM powder spreading machine has also been significantly improved. The engineers have minimized the heating power consumption as much as possible, making the machine more energy-efficient. In addition, the air purifier's intake system has been optimized to provide more efficient exhaust efficiency. The engineers will adjust the parameters to the optimal state before the machine leaves the factory, so that customers can use it as soon as they receive it.

The development of the 80cm DTF powder shaking machine means that AIIFAR now has the most complete DTF product line in terms of size, and also demonstrates AIIFAR's innovative and creative technology research and development capabilities as the founder of DTF.

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