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110V 220V 50-60Hz DTF PET Transfer Film With Automatic Ink Supply Power

Media Transfer: Damping Paper/tension Paper

Nozzle Type: 2 Original Epson I3200

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HD Mode DTF Transfer Film Printer 6 Pass 720*1800 Shaking Powder Automatic Powder Return Free

Method Of Dusting: Constant Weight Automatic Sensing

Automatic Deceleration Of Film Cutting: Prevent Deformation Of Heating Film

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Damping Tension Paper DTF Transfer Printer Automatic Ink Supply

Mesh Belt: Drum Suction Operation Mesh Belt

Media Transfer: Damping Paper/tension Paper

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650mm DFT Printing Machine Middle And Back Three Stage Heating

Package Weight: 347KG

Print Format: 600mm-650mm

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Manual Control DTF Transfer Printer With 1 Original EPSON I3200 8 -A1

Power Supply: 110V/220V 50-60Hz

Nozzle Type(interweave Printing Program): "1 Original EPSON I3200(8)-A1 1 Original EPSON I3200(4)-A1"

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Good price Comprehensive Nozzle DTF Transfer Printer 330mm  CMYK Color online Video

Comprehensive Nozzle DTF Transfer Printer 330mm CMYK Color

Nozzle Model: 2 Original Epson XP600

Printing Speed: 4 Pass 720*1200; High Speed Mode 4.5㎡/hour;6 Pass 720*1800; HD Mode 3.5㎡/hour

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2 Heads DTF Transfer Printer

Print Dimension: 600mm 60cm

Ink Color: CMYK,W

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I3200 DTF Transfer Printer

Ink Color: CMYK,W

Application: Cloths Printer, Dtf Printer

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